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Platinum Tiger


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Tigers and Super Tigers have long been a classic favorite of many Retic admirers, because their clean reduced patterns and pleasing yellow tones.  Adding to what the Tiger gene is all about, Platinum Tigers raise the bar for classic beauty.  These snakes intensify in boldness as they grow, and adults are truly stnning creatures, that retain much of the wild type characteristics that Retics are loved for in the first place, but to a much more magnified degree.  The breeding potential is even higher, with the ability to add both these genes into other morphs in the first generation, creating 3, 4 or even 5 gene snakes in short periods of time.  Not tomention, the super form of Platinum being leucistics in 3 different phases, and how SuperTiger can completely change the look of any pattern mutation into unpredictible new combos, and you have a real winner with these snakes- reasonably priced, top notch looks, and genetic powerhouses.

Platinum Tiger
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